Tiferet Journal: Fostering Peace Through Literature and Art


So happy to get a copy of the spring/summer issue of Tiferet in the mail today. My essay “ Living the Three R’s—Rejection, Reconciliation, Renewal” is included. When I wrote it, I was reading the philosopher William James (brother of the novelist Henry James). It’s a reflection on my spiritual journey away from my religious upbringing. It’s also a consideration of whether people who have conflicting views of religion can get along.

Happy for the opportunity!

Props for the Teen Issue of Inlandia

Still in the crazy space, but on the upside, there was this fun article about the teen issue of Inlandia Literary Journeys Journal in the Press Enterprise. I was interviewed, as were Cati Porter (executive director of Inlandia Institute) and three of our eight teen editors. Plus, there’s a nifty photo in the rose garden of the institute’s office.

Inlandia staff and teen guest editors for the online literary journal, “Inlandia: A Literary Journey,” recently launched the first all-teen issue. Pictured from left are Cati Porter, founder; Stephanie Martinez-Beltran; Kiyani Carter; Aubrey Gaines and Victoria Waddle, managing editor. Photo by Malie Hudson, contributing photographer

Young Inland writers express themselves in Inlandia’s first all-teen issue


An Author’s Brand—Some Helpful Hints

I’m living through silting layers of bad news recently. I worked on an essay about sources in nature that help me to make sense of my interior world and thought I’d post it here—but my essay on how to make sense of the world through writing didn’t make any sense. So—not very helpful writing hints. I’ll try again. Meanwhile, I did write this piece that was in some So Cal newspapers this Sunday. And it does have some useful information on the things a writer needs to do as well as some handy links. I hope you find it useful!

Branding, marketing: Today’s writers must do more than just put words on a page